Bio Pure Tech wins Excellence In Business 2015 Award


We are delighted to have won the Excellence in Business 2015 Outright Winner award, held by Public Sector Magazine. Many thanks to all those who voted.
The team at Bio Pure Tech have continued to work extremely hard at installing our Bio Pure sewage treatment systems, rainwater harvesting systems and various waste-water works around the country and it’s great to get some recognition. We look forward to a productive year ahead.

You can read the full article from Public Sector Magazine here.

Covering the costs of sewage treatment

For owners of homes with septic tanks, you will most likely already be aware of recent regulations and certification requirements for septic tanks. This has been passed down from EU level, and is in place to ensure that the health of people and the environment is protected.

There are huge numbers of old septic tanks which just don’t work properly anymore, overflowing and flooding areas, causing sewage smells, piping untreated effluent into streams or rivers and causing pollution.

In the last few years, local authorities have required home-owners to register their septic tanks, and have started to inspect treatment systems around the country.
This is being handled on a priority basis, but eventually, most if not all tanks will have been inspected for compliance.

Non-compliance means a septic tank will not receive its certification and will need to be repaired or replaced. Installation of a septic tank can be costly, so grants have been made available (on a scaled percentage of cost based on income means).

Grants for renewal of septic tank and water treatments systems can be obtained by applying to your local authorities. Qualifying criteria apply, but Bio Pure Tech will be happy to assist you in this.

You can read about grants here, or give us a call on 086 1520035 and we will talk you through it.