Bio Pure System Septic Tank Installations

The Bio Pure Sewage Treatment System is an ideal solution for Septic Tank Installations. It can be retrofitted to existing septic tanks or installed as part of a new build’s sewage treatment system. Bio Pure Tech Ltd  supply and fit systems from single dwelling sewage / water treatment systems up to large scale septic tank installations for commercial premises, schools, agricultural and public facilities.

Box_TickInstall into existing septic tanks with minimum disruption to the garden.
Box_TickGuaranteed odour free, quiet running.
Box_TickLow electrical running costs (average €40 per annum).
Box_TickHigh quality treatment, effluent can be discharged by surface irrigation to plants, trees.
Box_TickTank to be desludged on average every five years.
Box_TickHigh quality, long life components used.
Box_TickManufactured in Ireland to highest Irish and European standards.
Box_TickCompliant with EU waste water treatment codes.
Box_TickOver 1,250 successful installations of the Bio Pure Sewage Treatment System around Ireland and UK.

Bio Pure System Demonstration

Building a new home?

We also carry out all essential ground works for new builds including foundations, sewerage systems, pipe-work, rainwater piping and drainage, as well as for electrical and other utilities.

About Grants

Did you know that there are grants available to help fund the costs of sewage treatment and getting your system certified compliant?

From 2012 all septic tanks have to be registered and certified, to comply with EU water treatment codes of practice.

To avail of grants, existing septic tanks have to be registered and then inspected. Local authorities arrange the inspections and will recommend remedial action if required.

Grants for remedial works are available provided you meet the qualifying criteria. Full details can be found at:

Note that grants are still available even though the above website stipulates lapsed qualifying dates.

Call us on 086 1520035 and we will be happy to answer questions about grants and help guide you through the process.

Some useful general information links on septic tanks, water treatment and grant availability can be found at the bottom of the page.

How The Bio Pure System Works

The three stages of the Bio-Pure system treatment process are as follows:

This is where the sewage is aerobically treated. The sewage is completely broken down, breaking the solids into small particles.

With aeration there is no sewage smells from the tank.

Maximum aeration duration is 12 hours (9am - 9pm).


The aeration process is switched off and the settlement process begins.

All small particles settle to the bottom of the tank, and the treated effluent moves to the top of the tank.

Settlement process duration is 6 hours (9pm - 3am).


The pumping sequence is timed to come on at 3am in the morning. At this stage the final effluent will be of a very high standard.

10mg/litre Biological Oxygen Demand, 10mg/litre suspended solids. The final effluent is discharged at sub-surface irrigation.

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Award Winning Services

Bio Pure Brendan Award 2015
Bio Pure Tech are the proud winners of the 2015 Excellence in Business Awards for Provision of Water and Sewage Treatment Systems in Ireland, held by The Public Sector Magazine

Bio Pure Dimensions and Technical Details

Excavating Hole Details For New Tank
Population Equivalent Served
Maximum BOD per day
Design Flow Rate
Treated Effluent Standard
Biological Oxygen Demand
Suspended Solids
Electrical Power Supply Required
Power Consumption
10 Persons
2,000 Litres per day
2m³ per day
220 Volts 1 Phase
60 Watts
New Tank Installation
Material of construction
Overall Length
Overall Height
Surface Area
Weight of tank
Pre-cast Concrete
1,040 gallons
3.5 tonnes

Recent Installations

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