Bio Pure System
The Bio Pure System
The Perfect Solution! The Bio Pure Waste Water Treatment System can either be retrofitted to existing septic tanks or installed with a new build’s sewage treatment system.
Tank Install
Septic Tank Installation & Servicing
We can recommend, install and service septic tanks including all ground works and percolation area, for a new build or existing homes or for commercial properties.
Rainwater System
Rainwater Harvesting
Our Rainwater Harvesting System collects, filters and pumps rain-water, and is ideally suited for both domestic and industrial usage.
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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions

Bio Pure System Questions

How does the Bio Pure System get my septic tank working properly?

The Bio Pure Sewage Treatment System works by continuously aerating the effluent which enters the septic tank, breaking it up into small particles. In the evening time, the system stops aerating and the solid matter particles sink to the bottom, whilst the water content stays at the top. At night, the treated effluent is pumped out to a percolation area. The treated effluent consists mostly of water. There is no smell and it is completely environmentally friendly.

Do I need to get a new tank installed?

If your existing tank is damaged or too old to be refurbished it may need to be replaced. When we call out, we will advise on the best solution. In alot of cases, the cost of a new tank can be avoided by carrying out repairs and modifications to existing tanks and then retrofitting our Bio Pure system to it.

I am worried about my garden getting torn up. How do you carry out groundwork?

This is a valid concern, since alot of sewage treatment systems will already be surrounded by mature plants which the owner does not want damaged or removed. Our crew are used to working in areas where there are existing structures such as walls, hedges, trees, shrubs, flowerbeds etc.
We plan our work ahead to ensure that the work causes minimal disruption. If it is necessary to remove existing plants, trees or obstructions, we will of course discuss all options with you. Our aim is to complete all jobs as neatly as possible.

Septic Tank Questions

I am in the planning stages of a new home. What kind of sewage treatment system will I need?

We can advise you on the appropriate septic tank to suit your home and family requirements. We can also help you to plan the optimum site for the tank, pipe-work and percolation area, taking into account land drainage, and surrounding property. If access to the site is a problem, we can also provide smaller sectionalised tanks which are easier to get onto site.

My garden is water-logged around the percolation area after heavy rain. What can I do?

The percolation area should be able to cope with the normal outflow from your septic tank plus normal rainfall, but in times of heavy rain, this might be put under stress. There are various factors involved. Too much rain water in the water table will eventually cause water-logging. In the worst case, treated effluent may seep to the surface. The percolation area may not be working properly, pipes clogged or too small an area to handle the volume of water. Drainage of water may not be sufficient. If you are seeing any flooding around your percolation area, we will be happy to advise on best course of action.

Can you install large treatment plants for example in factories or schools?

Yes, we can install large or multi-chamber sewage treatment systems to suit the volume requirements of schools, public halls and facilities, factories and agricultural sites. We have already worked with a number of local authorities on public sites and commercial installations.

My septic tank is backing up toilets and causing odours?

There are many reasons for backed up toilets. It could be a blockage, broken pipe-work causing additional water to enter the system, or non sufficient out flow from the septic tank. If you are continually experiencing any of these problems it may be as a result of a defective septic tank or percolation area which is not handling the volume of sewage. Contact us for a call-out and advice.

De-sludging your Septic Tank

Over time a septic tank will become full of solids and will need to be emptied ‘de-sludged’.
This usually means getting a professional de-sludging service to come and empty out the tank for you.

If your sewerage system is starting to become blocked, toilets are not flushing properly, sewage odours, these are some indicators that it may be time to get the tank emptied.

I haven’t registered my septic tank with my local authority. How can I get my system certified?

All owners of septic tanks are required to have their septic tanks registered with their local authority. That’s just the way it is. In all likelyhood, a number of people will not have registered for reasons of their own, but this means the tank does not get it’s certification. Unfortunately if things go wrong or if the tank is ever inspected, the owner will have to get remedial works done at their own cost and can even have their non-compliant septic tanks shut down if they are found to be causing environmental pollution. Our advice would be to register the septic tank to be on the safe side.

My septic tank has failed it’s inspection. What can I do?

If you have had your tank inspected and it has failed to comply with the EU wastewater treatment codes of operation, give us a call and we will be able to advise you and conduct any required remedial works on your system. We will also be able to assist in getting grant assistance where applicable.

About Grants and Costs

My septic tank is defective. I need to get it working but i’m worried about the costs!

Grants are available to help with the costs of remedial works to your existing septic tank or installation of new tanks which meet EU waste-water treatment codes of practice.
We will be happy to assist you through the process. You can find details about it here.

What do grants cover and can everyone avail of these?

Grants will cover a proportion of the costs of remedial works. Certain qualifying rules apply and the rates of grants vary depending on income thresholds. For details check the on the Citizen’s Information website at

Note that the general deadline for registering septic tanks passed in 2013. However, grants may still be obtained.

How long does it take from application to receiving grant payment?

Generally, we would advise and carry out remedial works and help you to make your application at the same time. In our experience, grant applications are processed monthly, once means testing is completed,  and payments are generally made to the contractor carrying out the work.

Water Conservation and cutting your costs

How can I cut down on my water usage?

It’s difficult to gauge just how much water we use everyday for washing, toilets, showers etc. The fact is that we use more that we need to, which means that the waste water has to go through the stages of processing before it can be put back into public use again.

It’s safe to assume that everyone agrees that water is a valuable resource and water conservation is a good thing. Now that water charges are a reality, the best way to help offset the additional costs and to do our bit for conservation is to reduce water wastage.

Turning off taps and hose pipes, and getting leaky taps fixed are a good place to start. If you need alot of water, think about getting a rainwater harvesting system installed. There are plenty of sources on the web which can give you practical advice on reducing your water waste.

Read about our Rainwater Harvesting system and how it can help you save money, reduce your water charges and reduce wastage here.


It is really worth installing water recycling and rainwater harvesting equipment? How much money can I save?

If you are using alot of water, say for a business that washes vehicles or uses water for cooling purposes, or a large family home, then rainwater harvesting is an ideal cost-saving solution.

Rainwater harvesting is becoming popular as it can reduce metered water requirements dramatically, with a direct saving of costs.

For a business that uses any volume of water, this can add up to thousands of Euros per year, so these systems are well worth the investment. You can read more about it on our Rainwater Harvesting page.

Call us for a call-out and quote on 086 1520035

What does untreated water do to the environment?

In a word – pollution! Untreated water may contain chemicals or a variety of bacterial pollutants which are harmful to the environment, plants and animals. This water may find its way back into the drinking water supply, rendering it unfit to drink, which has been a hot topic of discussion and a major issue in recent times in some areas of Ireland.

The Environmental Protection Agency is the main body responsible for ensuring that our environment and our water is of good quality as directed by the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

You can read their report on water quality in Ireland here.


Questions about our services

How long does it take from initial call-out to installation of a sewage treatment system?

We are happy to take on any size jobs, from the smallest to large scale industrial treatment plants. We do our best to get out to customers within a couple of working days of contact. For emergencies, we can call out immediately if required.

An installation of a retrofit Bio Pure System generally takes no longer than a day or two. Installation of septic tanks, percolation areas and pipework would typically take a little longer as there is some groundwork involved, and equipment, tanks, pipes, gravel and other parts would need to be ordered and delivered to site. We also factor in some time at the end of a job to tidy up, rake back soil or gravel and leave things in a neat and working state.

I am building a new home, what services can you provide in relation to sewage, waste water and other utilities?

The good news is that we are able to provide a complete solution including the following:

* All ground work for new builds, foundations.
* Installation of complete sewerage system.
* Installation of septic tank and Bio Pure System.
* Percolation area and drainage.
* Rainwater piping.
* Ground work for installation of utilities including electrical, communications and heating.

Give us a call on 086 1520035 and we will assist you right from the planning stage to completion of the above works.

In what counties do Bio Pure Technologies operate?

We are based outside Athboy in County Westmeath, but we operate nationwide around Ireland. Travel is no obstacle. Having also completed numerous sewage and water treatment installations in Northern Ireland and the U.K, we can also extend our services outside Ireland.

Sectors that we service

Bio Pure Tech are broadening our range of products and services to provide one-stop water and sewage treatment solutions to the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors. In addition to our award winning Bio Pure water treatment system, we now offer a full range of related services including groundworks, water management, sewage treatment, septic tanks from new builds and existing homes to large commercial installations and farms.

We provide our services for…

* New builds- from the planning stage to completion of all ground works, septic tanks, piping, and utilites.

* Existing homes requiring modifications to sewage and water treatment.

* Commercial properties- sewage and water treatment. Rain water harvesting.

* Agricultural sector- sewage and water treatment, tanks, shuttering, water management.

How can we call you if there is an emergency?

If there is an emergency, for example an overflowing treatment system that is causing immediate problems of flooding or pollution, or endangering the surrounding environment, you can contact us on 086 1520035 and either speak directly to us or leave a priority message. You can also call our premises on 046 9487572 after 6pm. We do our best to answer all calls immediately and to call out to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

What sort of guarantees and after-sales service do you provide?

We provide yearly Service Contracts which we recommend people take up which will increase the lifetime of equipment. We are also happy to hear from you if you have any concerns with the performance of your treatment system, or our services in general. All parts are sourced in Ireland and are manufactured to the highest quality.

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