It’s difficult to gauge just how much water we use everyday for washing, toilets, showers etc. The fact is that we use more that we need to, which means that the waste water has to go through the stages of processing before it can be put back into public use again.

It’s safe to assume that everyone agrees that water is a valuable resource and water conservation is a good thing.┬áNow that water charges are a reality, the best way to help offset the additional costs and to do our bit for conservation is to reduce water wastage.

Turning off taps and hose pipes, and getting leaky taps fixed are a good place to start. If you need alot of water, think about getting a rainwater harvesting system installed. There are plenty of sources on the web which can give you practical advice on reducing your water waste.

Read about our Rainwater Harvesting system and how it can help you save money, reduce your water charges and reduce wastage here.


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How can I cut down on my water usage?